Saturday, November 17, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like this won't get done in time

Well, I am temporarily "on a break" from craft fair knitting. I think I've made something like 6,284 cabled neckwarmers in the past few weeks; my hands simply refuse to knit another one. Instead I've started my Christmas knitting, which is good, since I had an anxiety attack when I realized just how many things I have to knit in the next month or so. Unfortunately, since the people I'm knitting for might actually read my blog, I can't be too detailed. I'll give some hints, though. (More than The Panopticon, too.)

Okay, the project I started last night is going to be felted. Um... that's pretty much all I can tell you, other than that since I have a fear of carrying my knitting along the back (I unfailingly screw up the tension), I used (many) separate balls to achieve the required two-color knitting. Of course I took pictures.

Yeah, I think I had eight separate balls attached at one point. (Oh,and can you see Hubby's leg in that bottom picture? This is what he was doing while I was diligently making Christmas presents.)

Playing Halo!

Surprisingly with all those balls, my yarn didn't really get tangled at all. I have no idea how I managed that; clearly I did something to please the knitting gods. Thankfully I'm past that part now and only have three separate color sections to work with. Phew.

I'm a tad nervous about the whole felting thing. I've only done it once before, with dreadful results although that was totally my fault for, you guessed it, not getting gauge. So it's understandable I'd be afraid this too will come out atrociously and I won't have time to fix it. Especially since Jen and I wrote the pattern ourselves. I'll post pictures and more details on Ravelry, since I know the gift's recipient is not a member, and I'll let the general blogging public know how this project goes in the future. Right now I have to put a hyper baby to bed. Note to self: Two cupcakes and many Rice Krispie treats at a friend's birthday party combined with a special Thanksgiving cupcake my mom bought him, surprisingly enough, leads to an overtired son who's still awake at quarter past nine. Go figure.