Saturday, November 24, 2007

craft fair report... sort of

Okay, I promised Jen she could tell the blogosphere all about the craft fair, and really I see no point in making you read the same account twice, so there's not much for me to post. I will tell you two things, however.

1. We kinneared this woman:

(May I also say she had matching fun fur boots. Does this give you any indication of the crowd? And, perhaps by extension, how we did?)

2. At the end of the show, there was leftover merchandise, which I raided.

Here I'd like to point out that had we actually sold the stuff I ended up swiping (the hat and wristicuff shown above, as well as a hank of hand-dyed superwash wool that mysteriously ended up in my knitting bag), we would have doubled our profits. Still, the craft fair gave us six hours of (virtually) uninterrupted knitting (in my case; knitting/spinning in Jen's case) time, and this close to Christmas, that is priceless.