Saturday, May 23, 2009

shamelessly begging- for a good cause, though

Okay, so last year when I was getting ready for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, I did a big elaborate post about why I Relay AND I had a contest featuring hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn. This year, in light of the facts that a) I had a baby just a few months ago and b) I never actually announced the winner of the contest (it was Jen's mom's friend, by the way), I figured I'd just put up some nifty links in the side bar and tell anyone who's willing (and able- I know it's a tough year) to donate something that I really do appreciate your efforts.

Also, I figured I'd (finally) put up some pictures of last year's Relay. Better late than never, right?

That's our team- Raggedy's Rascals. The Relay theme was "Movies." Our chosen movie was "Pirates of the Caribbean." We won the award for "Most Spirited Team" (due mostly, I think to my husband's fabulous Jack Sparrow costume and my dad's equally stunning Captain Hook one).

Here's my mom (a 3-year cancer survivor) with the yarn we gave away as part of the contest. (She's not a knitter, but she was still very grateful to all of you who are and who generously donated.)

Our Relay is next Friday- Saturday, but there are events happening all over the country (and even other countries!). I definitely recommend attending one in your area if you can. For those who have been touched by cancer (and really, who hasn't?) it's truly a moving, uplifting event.

(Special thanks to my guest photographer, the aforementioned Jen, whose pictures of my husband, dad, and the luminarias I totally swiped from her blog.)