Wednesday, November 7, 2007

go magic baby!

I promised Hubby I'd spend some time with him tonight. (Seriously, this computer just sucks me in.) Quickly, though, I wanted to tell you that Magic Baby peed in the potty today! He's been really into watching Daddy use the "big boy toilet" lately (I'll admit I was getting a little freaked out by just how much he was enjoying this), and tonight, after Daddy went, he announced that he wanted to try. So, we let him have a go, and he actually went! Of course, I realize he's on the young side for potty training and I don't believe in forcing him to try, but this was all on his own. Pretty neat if you ask me, because honestly I would be cool with it if he wanted to stop using diapers. I know that's very noble of me, but that's the kind of mom I am. "What, honey, you don't want to be in diapers anymore? You'd rather Mommy not have to wipe your arse eight times a day? Well, okay, if you insist..." Yep, just call me Mother of the Year.