Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sock it to me

Yay! I finally finished my Hedera socks! I knit them both toe-up at the same time on one circular needle using Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca Yarn and they are the softest things ever! I am so excited about them! I have been thinking all day of how best to show my enthusiasm for these amazing socks (the first I have ever knit for myself). Initially I thought an abundance of exclamation points would do it, but now I'm not sure they're emphatic enough. Hm... let me think... I think I've got it. Let me try paraphrasing one of my favorite authors. (You may be familiar with his work.)

Here goes...

Say! I like my brand-new socks!

I do! I like them 'cause they rock!

And I will wear them in the house!

And I will share them with a mouse!

And I will wear them in a tree!
Oh, I will wear them lots you'll see!

And I will wear them on a boat!

And I will put them on a goat!

And I will share them with a cat!

And I will show them to a Pat!

And I will wear them here

and there!

Say! I will wear them EVERYWHERE!

So, um... yeah. I like my newly finished socks. Just in case you missed that.