Wednesday, January 9, 2008

my worldy girl

I had to make a quick stop at a local music store, since Magic Baby's favorite cd (More Singable Songs by Raffi) bit the dust today and there was absolutely no way in hell I was driving for 45 minutes at night with a tired, cranky boy whining for his Six Little Ducks. The only store I could find was a Newbury Comics, which is a New England music store with a Hot Topic vibe. When I got back to the car with my prize (not the same exact cd, but at least it was The Man, and the boy, mercifully, was satisfied), Big Sister (who was 7 the last time I checked) said disgustedly "Why would that store have Raffi? He's not even Goth!" First of all, should 7 year-olds know that word? I'll admit I'm not super in-the-loop here, but she's only in second grade. How many Goths are there in lower elementary school? Not that I have a problem with people of the Gothic Persuasion, I just hadn't realized they had permeated society to the extent that prepubescent girls knew of them. Then I realized, she'd probably heard the word somewhere and wanted to try it out. Surely she had no idea what "being Goth" actually meant. So, of course, I asked her. Her response? "Goths are people who like black, won't go in the sun, and aren't morning people." Ummm... yeah, actually. That's pretty much right on the money, and I had to admit as much. So, I guess my question is, now what do I do? Do I have to buy her black leggings and skull t-shirts and let her borrow my mascara? Should I be worried by the fact that she, being a huge pirate fan for the last four years, already has an extensive collection of skull shirts? Or should I be more worried that I don't actually own any mascara that didn't expire back in 1991?