Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yay, lists!

I apologize for my recent slacking in the blogging department (not commenting on your posts, not replying to your comments on mine, not posting in general), but things have been a little crazy around here. How so? you wonder. Let me enlighten you.

1. Last week was school vacation, and I volunteered to take not only my own two kids, but also Jen's three to a teeny-tiny hotel room an hour and a half away from home, where Jen would meet us and we'd all spend a relaxing three days frolicking in the pool and visiting some quiet not-crowded local kid-friendly spots. (No, no, it's okay... I'll wait while you laugh. It's cool; I'd laugh too, if it hadn't happened to me. And please don't ask, I haven't been able to figure out what in God's name I was thinking.) Care to guess how it went? In my defense, I'd like to say that things probably would have gone better had Magic Baby not chosen that day to come down with a temperature of a million degrees. See, 'cause if he had not been all warm and clingy and miserable, one of us would actually have been able to get the kids out of the shoebox we were calling a room and take them swimming. As it was, I was too busy trying to keep him comfortable and figure out why the hell he was breathing so fast to be of much help to the other kids. So, um, yeah... great vacation. We're going to be doing that again real soon.

2. Magic Baby decided to bring the uber-high fever home with him, you know as a souvenir. He was mopey and medicated and not sleeping well from Wednesday until Tuesday at which point he recovered, realized he had missed almost a week of causing mayhem and promptly went to work making up for lost time. Which means that not only am I exhausted, but also that I'm expected to be back on "Toddler Patrol." You are all so jealous of me right now, aren't you!

3. In the 'good' department, my family and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar last night. WITH the original Jesus!! (Okay, not the original Jesus, but the one from the movie and stuff.) For most people that might not be a huge deal, but for some reason JCS has reached cult status in my family. My brother, cousins and I all grew up listening to it and are now able to not only sing every single word from every single song, but also to do so loudly. And off-key. We've all (except for Kathryn, our JCS newbie) seen the show at least once before (not to mention watched the movie a million times), but we were all still super excited. Because it's Jesus Christ Superstar! And it was with the original Jesus! (Well, not the origi... oh, you know.) Seriously, I don't know if I can express how into this show we are. You know how some people are with The Rocky Horror Picture Show? That's us with JCS, only we start young. (As an aside, this has led to some very interesting religion-related stories. Like the time in church on Easter when the priest asked what happened at the Last Supper and my brother raised his hand. My parents looked on proudly as the priest called my five-year-old brother's name and asked him to tell the entire congregation. Heck, my parents probably even elbowed their neighbors, mouthing "That's my boy!" as my brother proclaimed "The Apostles got drunk!" Sorry, Mom and Dad, but you brought that on yourselves; after all, it's not like we would be listening to JCS at that young an age without someone introducing us to it. Then there was the time I showed the movie to my husband for the first time and he commented that it must have been very progressive and controversial of them to cast a black man as Judas, seeing as it was the '70s and all. I looked at him for a minute and said (in honest disbelief) "... Judas wasn't black?" Again, I blame my parents.) Anyway, we're a bit obsessed with the show so it was a really great night.

4. It was also a night about which I'd like to lodge a complaint. If I am north of my intended location, and I take a highway labeled "South" I should, theoretically at least, eventually reach my destination (or at least pretty close) right? Apparently not. Which is why I didn't get home until about 2 a.m. after the show. Good times.

5. Regardless of this incident, I've decided I'm really glad to live where I do. It's far enough away from a big city that I'm not really living in "a city" while still being close enough that I can go see plays and musicals pretty frequently. I love this, because I am a huge fan of live theater. There's nothing like it, except live dance, which can also be found less than 15 minutes from my house! So, yay for where I live!

What else has kept me away from my blogging friends? Knitting, of course, but as it's late and I'm tired (remember, a sick baby and then out 'til 2 getting lost last night?) you'll just have to wait for my next post to get your woollen curiosity sated. You naughty bloggers, you! (Sorry; did I mention I'm tired?)