Friday, February 1, 2008

nothing much

Well, after all of Sunday's excitement, it seems as though the world has rewarded me with a pretty boring week. I mean, it wasn't a bad week by any means, just not very blog-worthy. (I did see Monty Python's Spamalot last night, which I highly recommend.) Even my knitting is boring: I finished the back of Big Sister's Pirate Sweater a few days ago, but it's really just a lot of black stockinette, not very exciting. I've also been working on the Liam sweater from Ravelry's Testing Pool, but right now that's just thirty or so rows of green garter stitch, also not exciting. Other than that it's been a week of housework and kids. You know, the usual. So in lieu of a long, funny post, how about a short post and some funny pictures?

At least they like fruit!

Magic Baby putting the moves on Jen's daughter. She loves it...


(Don't you think if those two get together that their offspring would be super-cute? I'm referring to the sweaters of course!)