Tuesday, October 23, 2007

finally, a post about knitting

You would think that with my husband home for two weeks I'd have more knitting time than I could handle, and yet that has not been the case. In fact, other than when he was having his surgery, I haven't had a decent chunk of time in which to knit since before he got sick. (This, I assure you, has nothing to do with the hours and hours I've spent in front of my new computer.) Nevertheless, I have managed to nearly complete the Little Star Sweater I've been working on. All that's left is to put the whole thing together and finish the neck. Yeah!!!

Oh, right, and work in the myriad of ends.

But, since the sweater is a Christmas present (and I really, really hate weaving in ends), I don't have to do that right now. Besides, the weather has been beautiful; Magic Baby won't need a sweater until February at this rate! Who says global warming isn't good for something? Warm weather in winter= extended sweater deadlines! You go, Republicans!

In a related note, today was another beautiful one, weather-wise. Overcast in the morning but warm and breezy. Hubby and I took Magic Baby to a local park both to celebrate the nice day and as kind of a last hurrah. Tomorrow Hubby goes back to work, and while having a paycheck coming in will be nice (we all know that more money means more yarn), Magic Baby and I are going to miss having him here all day. Hubby is a bit of a workaholic who literally takes one week and one day off a year, so these two weeks have been quite a treat for us. Especially since he was only recovering from minor surgery; he couldn't pick up the baby, and he was pretty uncomfortable for awhile there, but he's actually been great for about a week now. Not good enough to go back to work or anything (he does construction and we had to wait for the wounds to heal and all that fun stuff before he could go back to lifting heavy objects), but good enough to enjoy (and be enjoyed by) his family. We've had a really nice time together; I hope he has to have his gall bladder out again sometime!

Anyway, we had a really nice time at the park today. Magic Baby enjoyed playing on the swings and the small beach.

He also really liked running a stick along the fence of the tennis court. (Such a boy!)

But then, guess what happened....
Yep, out of nowhere a backhoe drove right onto the beach where we were and went to work cleaning up the remnants of a bonfire. Holy crap, Magic Baby was thrilled. He got to sit maybe fifteen feet from the truck and watch it do its thing and we got to watch his excited little face. It was perfect, the perfect way to end our little "vacation" with Hubby.