Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm beginning to think some kind of extraterrestrial beings are controlling my husband... and I'm cool wth it

Okay, so while Hubby isn't exactly Scrooge, he's certainly, let's say, frugal? As in Nearly-Goes-Into-Heart-Failure-Each-And-Every-Time-I-Mention-Yarn-Shopping Frugal. Or Has-Literally-Worn-Holes-In-His-Jeans-Which-He-Has-Then-Duct-Taped-And-Worn-To-Work-Anyway Frugal (and I'm not talking holes in the knees, either). Not that he isn't usually accepting of my constant need to spend money; I can almost always get him to see that the shirt I bought was a great bargain or the merino an absolute steal. But gettng the man to part with his cash can certainly be a challenge at times. (I, on the other hand, can never pass up a sale, but this is clearly not about me.)

"So, he's a bit stingy. How does that make him the victim of mind-controlling aliens?" you ask. Ah, but it is not his tight-wad tendencies that lead me to believe he's posessed; it's his recent lack thereof. I offer the following as proof:

1. Just a few weeks ago, he bought me an ipod. True, it was an aniversary gift, and yes it was an ipod shuffle (the least expensive of the line, but that's totally okay with me because it's perfect for what I need). Still, no ipod can be called cheap and I had only mentioned my desire for the mp3 player a handful of times, nowhere near the hundreds of "hints" I usually toss out there. Needless to say, this off-the-cuff purchase was pretty uncharacteristic of him. Looking back, I see this as the red flag that the little green buggers were beginnng their evil infiltration. (That's buggers not boogers. That would be gross.)

2. Today, we had most of the windows in our house replaced. As you can imagine, this was pretty costly, and while the old windows definitely needed to go (they were the wooden ones from 1933. I'm not kidding.), Hubby's typical approach to household items (and most things, in fact) is along the lines of "Use it 'til it breaks. Then, use it some more." Most of our windows weren't even cracked yet, and he had them replaced them, again without much nagging on my part! Clearly, he is not in his right mind.

Now, here's the biggie...
3. The day before the guys were coming to do the windows... coincidentally the day my Ravelry invite arrived... he let me buy a computer. Did I mention he's out of work at the moment recovering from minor surgery and I'm a stay-at-home mom? Not a lot of money coming in right now and in two days we buy a computer and replace our windows. Come on. This cannot be the man I married.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. On the contrary, I am pretty psyched by this new attitude of his. And the best part is that the mind-controlling dudes haven't changed anything else about him. He's still the sweet, loveable, imaginative, smart, funny guy I married. Only now, he seems to be as free with money as I am! Okay, it's not that extreme. Yet. If he offers to watch the baby while I take the Platinum AmEx to my LYS, we'll know they've completely taken over his mind. We'll know one other thing too; they're on our side.