Sunday, April 20, 2008

begin again

Friends of ours are moving in to their new house this weekend and we offered to watch their two little girls (ages 2 and 10 months). Yesterday the older ones played outside for five hours while the little one slept and today Magic Baby woke up telling us how "cool" and "cute" the baby is. Then, when they came over, he picked up his guitar and ran around the house playing it and singing songs about the baby. He's also been kissing her and playing with her constantly and whenever she cries he's right there to soothe her. I'm taking this as a good sign, since we weren't sure how he would be with a little one, and he's only got about six months to get ready for our new arrival.

Oh, had I forgotten to mention that? Yes, I'm pregnant. About ten or eleven weeks, actually (which puts me about two weeks behind Amy) and which makes me due sometime in early November. Had anyone figured it out? I'd dropped some little hints along the way, mostly that I was sick for over two months (and still am. Yay morning sickness). Let me tell you how hard it was not to say anything earlier, but I'm a little paranoid so I decided to wait. We had to tell my family almost right away, though, since I have been incredibly nauseous and exhausted. We're all very excited (although my mom's response of "I'm not old enough to have three grandchildren!" was kind of funny) and can't wait for the arrival of our new little one. As far as gender goes, we probably won't find out ahead of time. Hubby and I like to be surprised, and while this makes knitting things a bit more difficult, I think I can handle sticking with neutral colors and patterns for awhile. (Not that I've done any knitting in the last two months. I have been way too tired, but I'm really hoping that goes away soon.) In fact, the only reason we might even consider finding out if this baby is a he or she is to help with names. See, we have a girl's name picked out (although it's a secret. Sorry, Jen.) but so far we haven't had any luck with one for a boy. This is sort of the reverse of what happened when we had Magic Baby. Then we had a boy's name all picked out but nothing really for a girl. Fortunately, he's a boy so it wasn't really an issue. I'm kind of hoping the same is true for this one, although I realize that's a pretty stupid reason for wanting to have a girl- we already have a name. Honestly, other than that reason, neither of us really has a preference. Big Sister switches; some days she wants it to be a girl, others she hopes it's a boy. Magic Baby has no clue yet really. He thinks we're going to get to keep the baby we've been watching these last couple of days. He also thinks the baby is in his stomach, which I guess is okay if he wants to be on Oprah someday.
Well, now you all know my secret and the reason I haven't been blogging as much lately. I really haven't felt up to it. Most days end with me passing out right after Magic Baby either from exhaustion or nausea or a killer headache. Like I said, though, I really hope I'm over this phase soon and that I can get back to my regular program of knitting and blogging until the wee hours of the morning. Ahhhh, the good old days!