Monday, April 6, 2009

a boy's fascination

Wow, I haven't posted in over a month! And while March was extremely busy, I don't really have time to write about everything we did just yet. For now, here's a pair of poems (as it's National Poetry Month) that remind me of a certain boy I know.

The Little Boy to the Locomotive

Big iron horse with lifted head,
Panting beneath the station shed,
You are my dearest dream come true;-
I love my Dad; I worship you!
Your noble heart is filled with fire,
For all your toil, you never tire,
And though you're saddled-up in steel,
Somewhere, inside, I know you feel.

All night in dreams when you pass by,
You breathe out stars that fill the sky,
And now, when all my dreams are true,
I hardly dare come close to you.

The Locomotive to the Little Boy

Boy, whose little, confiding hand
Your father holds, why do you stand
Staring in wonderment at me,-
Poor thing of iron that I be?

Your unsophisticated eyes
Are full of beautiful surprise;
And oh, how wonderful you are,
You little, golden morning-star!
Poor thing of iron that I be,
A mortal man imagined me;
But you- you drop of morning dew-
God and his heaven are globed in you.